Thursday, April 19, 2007

Scientology Capitalizes on VT Shootings

OK, a little piece of news this morning, which is not a surprise to me, but is upsetting. Scientology has 20 “ministers” in Blacksburg, VA, to assist with “grief counseling” for people who may have been traumatized by the shootings that recently occurred at the Virginia Tech campus. Here’s the link:

They did the same thing after 9/11 for NY firefighters and policemen, and after Hurricane Katrina as well. What they are actually doing is proselytizing. They managed to hook 2 firefighters into their cult group, who subsequently left their wives and children in order to pursue Scientologies’ teachings. Scientology teaches that should any person’s family oppose their teachings, they must be “disconnected,” a fact (among many) that is not made clear until the person is well established within the cult.

One of their front groups is the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a thinly veiled façade, which is used to enable the church of Scientology to have access where it ordinarily would not, in unsuspecting people’s lives.

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s unofficial spokesmen for Scientology. I am most upset with him for lying to the public by claiming that Scientology is compatible with Christianity. It most assuredly is not, the two being mutually exclusive. Let the truth be known!

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