Friday, July 27, 2007

The World is Going to End!

Astronauts: Drinking and flying and space shuttles....
Dorothy: oh my...
Astronauts: Drinking and Flying and Space Shuttles....
Dorothy: Oh My...
Astronauts: Drinking and Flying and Space Shuttles!
Dorothy: Oh My!
Dorothy: OH MY!
Dorothy: OH MY!
Dorothy: OH MY!!!


Oops.... BOOM!!!

Give me a break, please. Dorothy here, in my recreation from the forest scene from the Wizard of Oz, represents the politically correct media who are whipped up into a frenzy over the possibility over 2 astronauts since 1969 that have possibly had some alcohol in their blood. The headline on the news today stated "NASA Let Astronauts Fly Drunk." Oh, the humanity! Frankly, if I had to sit on a million tons of explosives, I would probably want a drink or two myself. By the way, I don't drink.

Now Nasa is forming panels and committees to "discuss" the infractions and make "safety reviews" for their "internal policies." I have a better idea. How about using common freakin sense?

The astronauts face the same situation that *all* of us face in our careers; namely, its unprofessional to show up to work drunk. Any job, any where (unless you are a Hollywood Celeb or part of the Kennedy family, then you get a pass.) Fire them, ground them, do whatever. Don't act like its an unpardonable sin to offend someone with your actions. Jesus offended the Pharisees when they judged both he and John the Baptist. Luke 7:33 “For John the Baptist has come eating no bread and drinking no wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon!’ 34 “The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’

I would be first to say it's a good thing to uphold the drunk driving laws in this country. Innocents get hurt, crippled or killed. What exactly are you going to run into in space? Not the that astronauts actually *drive* the vehicle- its fully automated- they just look at the instruments. It would be poetic justice, in my own opinion, if the space shuttle were to run into a UFO, causing the UFO to crash into the ground.

Let them explain THAT one away.

The bastads.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

For Nerds Only: Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

When I saw this, I knew I had to link it. An outstanding job of video editing by Dan and Dale Kocevski, this video is a 10 minute production of a fictional encounter between the Star Trek and Star Wars universes. You will need a high speed internet connection. Click the link, and enjoy.

Do You Have an Answer? Part 2

Hebrews 11:1

King James: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

New American Standard Version: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

English Revised Version: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the proving of things not seen.

2 Corinthians 4:18

King James: While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

In my first discussion with Ken, I approached things from a logical point of view, discussing the reality of the existance of God, and how the spirit of living things exists, but is not something that science can address. Here, in my latest discussion with him, I wanted to address the idea of faith (by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast, Ephesians 2:8) Intellectual discussion is one thing, it is through faith that we are able to seek God, know Him, and to know His love.

The discussion has been edited in some parts for grammar and spelling. Additionally, I have re-arranged the order in which responses occur for better comprehension. Additional comments have been made by me in parentheses.

[20:59] You: You told me before that your beliefs were different.
[21:00] Ken: Indeed.
[21:00] You: Tell me about them.
[21:00] Ken: Well...
[21:00] Ken: Mostly, I believe that the individual defines good and evil for themselves, that the majority doesn't rule.
[21:01] Ken: Basically, that a person will not go to hell if they break someone else's rule. Only breaking thier own morals can do that.
[21:02] Ken: And that, logically, from my current perspective, the human being isn't capable of doing evil acts.
[21:02] You: So I am a Christian and I sin.
[21:02] You: Does that mean I will go to hell?
[21:02] Ken: Because if a person thinks something is evil, they simply wouldn't do it.
[21:03] Ken: Nope. Not unless you believe sincerely that it is a terrible thing to do, have absolutely no justification, and don't feel guilt for it.
[21:03] You: What about those jerks who flew the planes into the twin towers? They sincerely believed in what they were doing.
[21:03] You: (Which is kind of scary.)
[21:04] Ken: Indeed. So, in the eyes of them, they were doing the right thing, making it impossible for such actions to be completely evil.
[21:04] You: Thats kind of a slippery slope.
[21:04] Ken: Yep.
[21:04] You: It's called situational ethics, and that's what Scientologists believe, to a certain extent
[21:05] You: and secular humanists as well.

(I refer here to one of the tenets of Scientology, "What's true for you is true for you." EXCEPT, of course, when what is true for the individual does not agree with the church of Scientology. In that case, what is true for you is most definitely *not* true!!! )

[21:05] Ken: Hmmm. I agree...
[21:06] You: When we spoke before, I gave you reasoning from a logical viewpoint
[21:06] Ken: Indeed you did. I guess I'm just tired. Let me think...
[21:06] You: as a teacher of science.
[21:06] You: However, here's the thing:
[21:06] Ken: Yes?
[21:06] You: The way one gets into heaven is *NOT* by being good or bad !
[21:07] Ken: Of course...
[21:07] You: The thief on the cross next to Christ,
[21:07] You: he said "Remember me lord, when you come into your kingdom,"
[21:07] You: and for that simple act of faith, Jesus said today you will be with me in paradise.
[21:07] You: Faith is a heart thing, not a mind thing
[21:08] You: It takes a leap of the heart to say, Jesus, I believe in you.
[21:08] You: Come into me and make me anew.
[21:09] You: Faith is a relationship thing (not a matter of intellect.)
[21:09] You: For God is spirit (remember we talked about spirit, like the dog who found his family) and those who seek God must seek Him in spirit and in truth.
[21:09] Ken: Indeed it does. Though I must ask, what of those that do not have the leap of heart to do so? Or those without knowledge of Jesus? Do they suffer for ignorance?
[21:10] You: I do not believe so,
[21:10] You: although some do.
[21:10] Ken: One sec. I'd like to clarify that I believe in God.
[21:10] Ken: Though perhaps slightly differently.
[21:10] You: The demons believe in God, and they tremble.
[21:10] You: Do you remember that book, the one I mentioned?
[21:10] Ken: Yes. By Howard K. Storm.
[21:11] You: Yes, anyhow, this gentleman found himself lost and alone, after death.
[21:11] You: And he was being called
[21:11] You: by some person that he could not identify.
[21:11] You: As he followed him,
[21:12] You: he began to be attacked by creatures in the darkness.
[21:12] You: Even though he was an atheist, he recalled his youth,
[21:12] You: and he called out to Jesus.
[21:12] Ken: And if he hadn't?
[21:12] You: That made these creatures VERY angry,
[21:13] Ken: Finish first though.
[21:13] You: But they began to back away from him.
[21:13] You: Ok.
[21:13] You: So eventually, he saw this little light in the distance,
[21:13] Ken: So they were frightened by Jesus' name or presence.
[21:13] You: according to him
[21:13] You: and the light was coming for him,
[21:14] You: and the next thing he knew, he was in Jesus' presence
[21:14] You: So he was asking alot of the same questions that you have asked.
[21:14] You: One of them was, who has it right? The Protestants? The Jews? The Muslims?
[21:15] You: (his question was, what is the right way to God?)
[21:14] You: and Jesus answered him,

(Here is where I take a small break from the conversation, dear reader. It would be anticlimactic to tell you what Jesus said to this man during his near death experience. I will, however, relate Ken's reaction to what Jesus said.)

[21:15] Ken: Now that is a wondeful answer.
[21:16] Ken: *wonderfil
[21:16] Ken: **wonderful
[21:16] You: Yes !
[21:16] You: Thats just the way he talked in the New Testament.
[21:16] You: Baffling scribes and pharisees.
[21:16] Ken: Yepp.
[21:16] You: Thats why I think you would find truth there, (as well as in scripture.)
[21:16] You: Storm later in his life became a priest.
[21:16] Ken: Yepp. I don't see a specific set of rules to getting into heaven.
[21:16] Ken: Well...
[21:17] You: Well, I think the bottom line is its by FAITH.
[21:17] You: Believing in one's heart (that Jesus died on our behalf,)
[21:17] You: seeking God
[21:17] You: and trying to know and understand,
[21:17] You: not mans rules,
[21:17] You: but His Spirit.
[21:18] Ken: Hm. I do not seek god. Mostly because I think he has more meaning unfound.
[21:18] You: I encourage you to do so.
[21:18] Ken: Why would you say that?
[21:18] You: At the very least, get that book
[21:18] You: because it is like you said,
[21:19] You: the pursuit of seeking that which is not known is something that is worthwhile.
[21:19] Ken: I'll get some cashola and grab that book, though I'd like to wait a bit. Need to put time and money in other things.
[21:19] You: And in this case, it involves our very selves.
[21:19] You: Ken, its 5 bucks
[21:19] Ken: Hehehe.
[21:19] You: on
[21:20] Ken: Okay okay. I'll get it.
[21:20] Ken: AFK
[21:20] You: okay
[21:20] Ken: Ugh.
[21:20] Ken: How annoying.
[21:20] Ken: 1 second...
[21:20] Ken: AFK
[21:22] Ken: There. Good? Oh, and it was actually 15 here.
[21:22] Ken: Not sure why.
[21:22] You: Did you get a new copy or a used one?
[21:22] Ken: New.
[21:22] Ken: Heh.
[21:22] You: Ah, thats why.
[21:23] Ken: Yepp. Plus "our" money isn't as good as the most common.
[21:23] Ken: Or so it appears.

(He refers here to the Canadian dollar.)

[21:23] You: keep an open mind with it; I think you will find many answers that (are acceptable) there,
[21:23] You: or make more sense than some answers you will find elsewhere.
[21:23] Ken: Hehe. I've always thought of Jesus as a guy who'd never really 'tell' you anything. He'd just mess with you a bit.
[21:24] You: Jesus was incredibly insightful.
[21:24] Ken: Of course though, I never thought of the persona of Jesus to be the actual son of god.

(Here I address Ken's thought.)

[21:24] You: There's a story I just heard today,
[21:24] You: of a young boy who was- oh whats the word?
[21:25] Ken: continue...
[21:25] You: he was (whats it called when you live in your own world?)

(Here we continue the conversation, I had difficulty remembering the word, "autism," and we went back and forth trying to recall.)

[21:26] You: The whole thing- you don't respond to whats going on around you-
[21:26] You: you never look people in the eye.
[21:26] Ken: Have conversations with people that aren't there? Or just oblivious to surroundings?
[21:27] You: Oblivious.
[21:27] You: It's something that is extremely rare to recover from.
[21:27] You: Anyhow,
[21:28] You: this family started praying, asking God and Jesus to have mercy on their child,
[21:28] You: who was now 10 years old.
[21:28] You: And he was completely delivered and healed!
[21:28] You: The doctors were astounded.
[21:28] You: This happened in Holland in 1995.
[21:29] Ken: Which makes the boy... 23?
[21:29] You: Jesus has power to heal, (for he was and is the son of God.) He healed people in front of many witnesses.
[21:29] You: Yes about that age.
[21:29] Ken: Hm.
[21:29] Ken: Interesting.
[21:30] You: Thats why the pharisees knew they could not say to him, "You did not heal these people" so instead,
[21:30] You: they said, you healed them through the devil.
[21:30] You: Jesus turned (their arguments) back on them.
[21:30] You: And THAT'S only one of the reasons they wanted him killed.
[21:31] You: They made a big show of how devoted to God they were.
[21:31] You: He put the pharisees in their place because they accused him, not even realizing that it was God that was healing these people
[21:32] You: and because they hated him, they could not even see that.
[21:32] Ken: Hm.
[21:32] You: Jesus saw right through them.

(Here, there is a misunderstanding of words, which I have omitted. Ken thought I was saying that Jesus caused the pharisees to become sickened. I clarified, stating that he turned their words back on them, not the illnesses.)

[21:34] You: He said how can Satan be divided against Satan? If a kingdom is divided, it cannot stand.
[21:34] You: He made them to look like fools in front of the people.

(This is poorly stated by me. Actually, Jesus revealed that these highly religious leaders either did not understand spiritual concepts, or were so overtaken in their zeal to accuse Jesus that they ignored them.)

[21:35] Ken: Well, he didn't. They did.
[21:35] Ken: They made themselves look like fools.
[21:35] You: Yes, many would not have the courage to stand up to the pharisees- they weilded real power.
[21:36] You: It would be like standing up to the roman catholic church in the 1300's.
[21:36] You: All kinds of bad things could happen to you.
[21:36] Ken: Heh. And we all know how well THAT went.
[21:36] Ken: "She's a witch!"
[21:36] You: Very true!
[21:37] You: Well, it is getting late
[21:37] You: and I must camp.
[21:37] Ken: Indeed. Well, have a good sleep.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cruise as Nazi: How Dare They Insult the Nazi's This Way?

Cruise will not be stopped in his efforts to portray the Nazi official who attempted to assasinate Hitler during World War II. The real life hero's son refused to have any part with the production when he discovered Cruise would be playing the role of his father. The German government refused to allow the production company access to historic sites. So for now, filming has started at a large private studio.

The Nazis killed over 6 million people during the war. They never stated that a cult group which uses a form of hypnosis on its members is compatible with Christianity, however. They also never used deception in order to recruit unknowing innocents; preferring instead the business end of a gun to fill conscription quotas.

Scientologists' top spokesman as a Nazi. Perhaps the comparison is apt, but I think the insult is to the Nazi's.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Badgers Badgering Iraqis

[Above- Bill Murray as "Carl the Groundskeeper" Spackler from the movie, Caddyshack.]

The Iraqi port city of Bazra seems to be having problems with giant badgers. Here's the link to the story,22049,22056684-5001028,00.html When I think of varmint hunting, I know of no more determined a soul than Carl the groundskeeper (yes, I know- he hunted gophers- big difference.) Perhaps we could send Carl the groundskeeper to Iraq. While hunting down rodents, he could also take care of the insurgency single handed. Here are some quotes and a video of Carl the groundskeeper to show you how effective he would be.

  • In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, 'Au revoir, gopher'.
  • He's on his final hole. He's about 455 yards away, he's gonna hit about a 2 iron I think. Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac... It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole!
  • License to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations. Man, free to kill gophers at will. To kill, you must know your enemy, and in this case my enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will never quit - ever. They're like the Viet Cong - Varmint Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. And that's all she wrote.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A Letter From Dad

On my 13th birthday, I received a letter from my dad that speaks... volumes. Reading it will tell you what kind of person my dad was and is, and to some extent, what kind of person I am. The ideas that were expressed were appropriate then and touch on such relevant and befitting concepts as peer pressure, the difficulties of puberty and the idea of examining ones own thoughts and motivations.

To Glenn on his 13th Birthday, 6/12/75

Happy Birthday!!!! Here I am on a plane to Chicago writing you a letter! Bet you never thought you would get a letter from me!

Hey, you're a teenager: a fantastic time of your life that brings you from boyhood to manhood. Glenn Dale, my dad, let me live my teenage years as a fun time that you enjoyed in adult life more, because when you looked back on these years, it made you younger in spirit, in thought and in understanding.

Glenn, this is a time you are going to be changing. Changing in physique, voice, mannerisms, thinking and many other ways. You will be changing in a world that is contantly changing as well. You will see great strides in all sciences, medicine and technology.

You will challenge (life's issues) and be challenged in these years. There will be pressures around you to go with the crowd, to be "in" with the group and all the other "together" things that make "civilized" man live in cities together instead of on farms by themselves.

Into the world you are now stepping, I ask of you only what my dad asked of me- Be your own man! Do not be afraid to make a decision but be man enough to accept the responsibility of your decision. Have an opinion, but have a reason for the way you think and why you have arrived at the conclusion that you support. Question everything, get the facts, find the answers. Keep an open mind. Be positive in your approach to life and the many encounters you have with others along the way.

Set high goals for yourself and live up to these goals. Respect life and live it fully. Respect others, but don't humble (or compromise) yourself for them.

When you have children, try to understand them better than I understand you, teach them better than I have taught you, and challenge them better than I have challenged you. But above all, love them as much as I love you.

Happy Birthday, teenager.


Even though I never married or had kids of my own, I should hope that I have done my best to understand, teach and challenge the students that have been placed in my care over the years. It is my hope that in the process of doing so, that they might see a small part of God's love through me.

Thank you dad, for understanding, teaching, challenging and loving me.


Friday, July 6, 2007


[Inset- I am in the two tone jacket on the left; Lee Becknell leads us in song. Do Lord, oh do Lord, oh do remember me; look away beyond the blue. This picture was taken in my junior year at Ridgeview High School.]

It was a defining moment in my life, one that I shall not forget. For here, in a unadorned, wooden building (no drywalls!) which was owned by a local scout troop, on Liberty Guinn Drive in Sandy Springs, I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and made a leap of faith, inviting Jesus into my heart and believing that He died for me. My life has never been the same.

That was when I was 16 years old, almost 30 years ago. I went back there after my college years, to look around. The old scout hut where we used to meet, and where I hung out with high school friends (many of which went to rival schools) was gone, replaced by apartment buildings. It was a trend that would continue. The horse pastures next to Perimeter Mall, the freindly neighborhoods next to Guy Webb Elementary- gone forever, a sacrifice to business expansion, but the precious memories are still there within the special places of my heart. Just like this old photograph, they become grey and faded with the passage of time, but remain a part of me.

Lee Becknell was the lead youth minister for a program called Ranch. He was young himself, only 21 or 22 at the time, but he took time out from his schedule to hang out with lowly high schoolers, an investment for which I shall be eternally grateful. He was the son of a local minister, Bob Becknell, of Calvary Baptist Church, Dunwoody Georgia (not the large church, a somewhat small one). At Ranch we played volleyball, had special all-you-can-eat pizza nights, hamburger and hot dog cookouts, and hung out and socialized. It was here that I met people like Eric King, Bruce Dennis, Brannon Becknell, Wesley and Weldon Smith, Laura Vansant, Vernon Terrell, Mike Edwards, and Dan F., who were a blessing to me in my adolescence. I continue to stay in contact with Dan after all these years, and his love for Jesus and prayerful support for me has not waned.

My point behind this biographical story is that one can never tell from planting a spiritual seed what will come of it. Some folks grow and thrive spiritually; others soon wither and dry up, forgetting their spiritual life in pursuit of more immediate physical, materialistic goals. Others are like me, who grow in spurts, being hindered by issues which seem beyond our control. To Lee, and to Pastor Bob, and to all the others who were there, I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Glenn Houtchens
armchair coach
amateur historian

Bob Barker Becomes Amateur Vet

Bob Barker, who has hosted "The Price Is Right" game show for over 30 years has retired, no longer asking members of the studio audience to "come on down." At the end of each program, he would encourage viewers, in order to reduce the population of homeless animals, to have their pets spade or neutered. Well, it seems he is taking his own advice and is becoming an amatuer veterinarian. Good for you, Bob!

armchair coach
amatuer historian

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Little Political Satire

One picture is worth 1,000 words. Enjoy.
Thanks to Jayzus Crusty of for the photo.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Nevillians Are Coming! The Nevillians Are Coming!

In 1938, Neville Chamberlain returned from a trip to Germany where he met with then German chancellor Adolf Hitler. He had negotiated a treaty, signed by both parties, promising "peace in our time." Europeans were wary (and weary) of war, having suffered greatly during World War I. In return for surrendering part of Czechoslovakia to Germany, allowing German military forces to seize control of the country, Germany promised not to wage war in Europe.

It has been said that those who do not know or remember history are doomed to repeat it. It is one thing to initiate war in a foreign country when such actions are not deemed to be just, honorable, and absolutely required to continue our way of life. It is another to capitulate entirely to a thought process which effectively distorts truth. This is what happened in Europe in 1938, where people foolishly believed war had been averted, that Germany would not break it's "promises," and this is what is happening today.

Actions speak louder than words. A movement is underway within the Islamic world, where kidnapping, torture, the mass killing of innocents, and blatent lying are all acceptable in order to initiate revolution and bring about implementation of Islamic theocracies. These actions are also practiced by our own government on a limited basis, for other means.

Additionally, an invasion is underway even as this article is written. Although not the blitzkreig attacks used by the German Army in seizing territory, it is effective just the same. The weapons these invaders use are not guns, rifles and tanks, but sheer numbers of people. I am speaking of the invasion of the United States by Mexico, where 10 percent of Mexico's population now abides within the boundaries of the United States. The Mexican government actively supports not only these invaders who enter our country illegally, but also supports the efforts of drug smugglers who poison our citizens with illegal, addictive chemicals. All in the name of money.

The Democratic party, seeking voters and support, sees this as a new source of retaining and maintaining power. They are against closing our borders. The Republican party is no better, spending vast sums of money in fruitless, materialistic, governmental endeavors, oblivious to all.

Control. Money. Power. Themes which have invisible, spiritual roots. Large sections of differing societies involved in wide movements. It's a little bit like the book Dune come to life. Truth is in the eye of the beholder. Yes, I am worried about our country changing. I am worried about actions in the world over which I have no control. Yet I have this assurance: God is in control. This does not mean I close my eyes and wallow blindly along with the masses. Rather, I speak what I see. I seek wisdom and spiritual discernment, for therein lies understanding. The spiritual roots of the above themes do have an origin: the enemy of all mankind.

Dear God, This morning I come to you humbly, for I am concerned. Forgive my lack of faith. I lack understanding. I feel a bit like a lone individual, attempting to swat the wind. I pray for Your will to be done on Earth. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. Help us in our weakness. Help us to seek You, to know and love You. Have mercy on us all, oh Lord. Kyrie Eleison. Christe Eleison. Amen.

armchair coach
amateur historian

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Do You Have an Answer?

King James
1 Peter 3:15: But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts; and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

Living Bible
1 Peter 3:15: Quietly trust yourself to Christ the Lord and if anybody asks why you believe as you do, be ready to tell him, and do it in a gentle and respectful way.

New American Standard
1 Peter 3:15: But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence.

The following conversation took place shortly after a prayer meeting I attended within a computer game called 2nd Life. Someone came into the church, and asked as we were praying, "Why is God invisible? Why does He not walk the Earth?"

There was a pause, and I asked "To whom are you addressing your question?"

He replied, "Anyone who can answer."

I sent him a tell and told him that I would be willing to discuss the question with him after the meeting was over. Truly, it is not often that strangers wander into churches in the midst of a service and ask such questions. I see cause behind this. The following conversation then took place at a beachfront house of a friend who has given me access to use it. I have edited the transcript for spelling and grammatical purposes (and I take liberties with the grammar, as much of the conversation used phrases instead of complete sentences.) I do not publish this account as one who has arrived; by any means, I am the least of His servants. Rather, I do so as an example, that others may see and glorify God. [Note: I have substituted the names of the persons mentioned in the article, as I do not have permission to use their names.]

[12:49] Ken: Well hello.
[12:49] You: Hi
[12:49] You: I dont see you hehe
[12:49] Ken: Look behind.
[12:49] You: Ah
[12:50] You: There you are
[12:50] Ken: Indeed.
[12:50] You: You ask an excellent question
[12:50] Ken: Thank you. Most replies to such a question are anger towards me.
[12:50] You: Basically, it went something like this- why can't we see God, why does He not walk the Earth?
[12:50] Ken: No. I do not believe so, for we do not truly know what he wishes.
[12:51] Ken: Err.
[12:51] Ken: I apologize. Multiple conversations. Seems that focusing is difficult.
[12:51] Ken: Continue.
[12:51] You: You are correct in that we do not perfectly understand God
[12:51] You: I am a science teacher
[12:52] You: One of the things I teach my students is to question
[12:52] Ken: Interesting.
[12:52] You: One of the things we study is DNA, what it is and how it works
[12:52] You: Its incredibly complex
[12:52] You: There is, within all living things, what I call "a spark of life"
[12:53] You: Its part of how we define what is alive
[12:53] You: Consuming food, producing waste, exchanging gases, reproducing, etc
[12:53] Ken: Ah. Makes sense so far.
[12:54] You: Well, there is a section of scripture that addresses your very question ( I don't know where it is, but I know Paul said it)
[12:54] You: and it addresses my ideas about living things too
[12:55] You: it goes something like this (very loose paraphrase)
[12:55] You: The evidence of God is all about you, in His creation
[12:55] You: (in other words, it is a reflection of His workmanship)
[12:56] You: The trees grow and move, very slowly as they do
[12:56] Ken: Hm.
[12:56] You: In other words, life itself is evidence of God
[12:56] You: It is through His spirit that all things have life
[12:57] You: and there is another life I might tell you about if you are willing
[12:57] You: to hear about it
[12:57] Ken: Of course. Knowledge is always accepted.
[12:57] You: =) well said!
[12:58] You: I wish you were one of my students!
[Although in retrospect, I would have preferred the wording, Knowledge is always questioned. However, his meaning was, the acquisition of knowledge is something to be pursued]
[12:58] You: There is a book that changed my view about things- not the bible, although that did too
[12:58] You: it was written by an atheist
[12:59] You: a college art professor
[12:59] You: He died, in a hospital in France, waiting to have an operation for a burst appendix
[12:59] You: (although now that I think about it, it may have been a ruptured colon)
[13:00] You: In any event, he had an afterlife experience
[13:00] You: and he met Jesus and asked all the questions you are asking
[13:00] Ken: And he said?
[13:00] You: May I recommend to you the book,
[13:00] Ken: Certainly.
[13:00] You: Hehe
[13:01] You: Oh gee, I am having a senior moment- lemme think
[13:01] You: Hehe
[13:01] You: Ok, I have to look it up- one sec
[13:03] You: My Decent into Death: A Second Chance at Life by Howard K. Storm
[13:03] Ken: Alright, I shall write that down. One moment.,.
[13:03] You: You can get it used from for pretty cheap
[13:04] You: It is the Christians premise that there is an invisible spiritual life that comes alive
[13:04] You: when one believes in God, and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus
[13:04] You: I would be first to agree with you that the hypocracy found in religion is disdainful
[13:04] You: as well as the judgment of some who profess to follow Christ
[13:05] Ken: Indeed. Though I question if my beliefs would be accepted in society.
[13:05] You: I do know one thing however, my life has never been the same since I accepted and believed in Him
[13:06] Ken: Indeed. My beliefs are similar, though different...
[13:06] You: It is in this hope that I place my trust, that He died for me, in obedience to God's will in becoming a sacrifice for the entire world
[13:07] You: I have found that in my studies of life, and how all living things are related
[13:07] You: That this affirms my faith, for example:
[13:07] You: The dog who was separated from his family who moved away across the continent
[13:07] Ken: Hm. Connection does make sense.
[13:08] You: How can this dog travel 1,00s of miles
[13:08] You: er 1,000's
[13:08] You: to rejoin his family whom he loves, and who loves him?
[13:08] You: The answer is that there is a spiritual component to life
[13:08] You: an unseen part
[13:08] Ken: A soul?
[13:09] You: that goes ignored by many in their own intelligence
[13:09] You: A spirit
[13:09] You: It is this spiritual part that can connect with God
[13:09] You: and this connection is made by faith
[13:10] You: This is what we were doing in the upstairs room
[13:10] You: Praying
[13:10] You: For those who have loved ones who are sick or who have died
[13:10] You: or any other matter where we do not know the entire truth of matters, but God does
[13:11] You: I hope that my answer has met some of your expectations
[13:12] You: I am not here to spew Christian doctrine and dogma at you
[13:12] Ken: Indeed.
[13:12] You: Rather, I would let you know that there are some Christians who accept without judgment
[13:12] Ken: It has, though your friend Lance is quite the conversationalist.
[13:13] You: I am new to 2nd Life, having only been here 1 week
[13:13] You: and I am familiar with Lance, although I have not spoken with him much
[13:14] Ken: I am new as well.
[13:14] Ken: Though more so than you.
[13:14] You: You will find answers to your questions in that book, some of which may seem to contradict what Christians teach
[13:14] Ken: Of course they do.
[13:15] Ken: Ignorance can contradict. Only a book written by God would be correct to all.
[13:15] You: Jesus contradicted many of the pharisees (religious leaders) when he was on Earth, and he earned their anger for doing so
[13:15] Ken: Thank you for the conversation. It was enlightening.
[13:15] You: I am glad that you found my answers acceptable
[13:16] You have offered friendship to Ken
[13:16] Ken is Online
[13:16] Ken: Perhaps we can continue in the future. Though I am going to continue speaking with Lance.
[13:16] You: May I ask where you are from? I am in Atlanta, Georgia
[13:16] Ken: Canada. No, we don't live in two-story igloos.
[13:17] You: Hehe Happy Canada Day, btw, eh?
[13:17] Ken: Indeed it is. Thank you.
[13:17] You: Okay - take care