Monday, April 16, 2007

Anger Management

[Inset-Superhero Mr. Furious, who has the super power of becoming VERY ANGRY]

I seem to be writing a lot about blowing things up, knocking people out and all other sorts of other damaging, hurting, and pillaging. The thought occurred to me this morning, “What are you angry about?” Yes, all the sticks of dynamite, the nuclear bombs, the fight with Rocky- they are all done tongue-in-cheek. However, am I using these as proxies to express feelings that don’t have another way of coming out? I see this with the children I teach each day. Sometimes they lash out, and they don’t know why. Something is upsetting them. Maybe the same thing is happening to me.

Well, I certainly did not feel angry. I am not angry with Rosie O'Donnell or any of the others personally, I don’t even know them. Perhaps I am angry because I am upset with what they represent. Let’s examine this:

I am angry at Rosie O’Donnell because she stated on “The View” that the greatest threat to our country was Christianity. Never mind Islamic extremists that fly planes into buildings, lop people’s heads off, and take people hostage, threatening to kill them unless they deny Christ and convert to Islam. It’s those Christians we need to look out for.

I am angry at Donald Rumsfeld because of his stance on UFO’s. When he visited Iraq, he had a question and answer session with the troops. One soldier asked about the truth of UFO’s, he replied with anger, “You don’t have the need to know!” as he stormed away. "The need to know WHAT?" is my response. This is on the record, by the way. No thanks to the media for playing possum with this story, which if true, is the second most important story in the history of humanity. In my mind, he is part of a system that is corrupt; by consolidating knowledge which rightfully belongs to the people of the world, as it affects us all.

I am angry with Hillary Clinton for her socialistic views on how our country should be changed. I am angry with her for attempting to manipulate us by not portraying herself as she truly is, a callous woman who will stop at nothing to obtain power. I am angry with her for her views on human life, by which my tax dollars are used in the eradication of tiny, helpless unborn babies, in the name of a philosophy that lies to us. They are not human, indeed!

I am angry with TV shows that insult my intelligence.

Dear God,
Here I am, sitting here sort of simmering about things that are completely out of my hands. Please forgive me for not remembering that You are in control. Please forgive me for not relying on You completely. In as much as I am able, I give these things to you in surrender. Take this anger from me, please, for it is not good. I trust You and believe You. You have told me in Your word that it is ok to be angry, but not to allow that anger to turn to sin. I am stewing when I should be praying. Let me see with eyes of understanding, not necessarily of other things, but of how you want me to be. I submit all of myself to You.

I love You,
Glenn =)

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hook24 said...

Glenn, isn't this sort of how God intended humannity to work? Stray from him, catastrophe, repent, stray from him, catastrophe, repent...... The cycle is happening much more quickly. Very similay to the Israelites. They've not learned yet and America, as well as the rest of the world, is following suit.

Appreciated your post.