Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Truth Must Be Known !

I am on a rampage. I'm hoppin' mad. Never in recent memory have I reacted so strongly and emotionally to a movie, my family will attest to that. Usually by the end I am rooting for the bad guys because my suspension of disbelief usually takes a bit more than insipid action adventure flicks have to offer. This movie, however, is based on reality. It's a full length movie and it can be viewed for free over the internet. At the end I was yelling at the monitor "RUN!!!! RUN!!!!"

Believe it or not it was shot by an 18 year old on a shoestring budget. It lacks any form of musical direction, although at times what music there is can be disingenuously effective. The movie is about an organization that separates families when any member objects to its teachings. It is about mind control and suppression of the will. It is about Scientology. It is called "The Bridge." Anyone with a high speed internet connection should search for and see this movie.

The church of Scientology has since applied legal pressures to the director/producer, Brett Hanover, to cease and desist with any promotion of his film. Because he does not want to be bankrupted, he complied. However, due to the fair use doctrine of the internet, copies of this picture may be made and posted so long as no one profits from it. I found a workable copy of "The Bridge," [NOTE: Since the article was postedharmful viruses have been attached to the site!] but Scientology is trying to shut these sites down, so I don't know how long this link will remain viable.

I have so much more to say about Scientology from a philosophical point of view that I must save it for another post. But I will say this: Oprah Winfrey, by hosting Tom Cruise on her show, is guilty of portraying Scientology as being acceptable to millions. Oprah is known for her philanthropy, as well as her self promotion as a philanthropist. How many dollars does it take to patch up the wound from a son or daughter, a brother or sister who has "disconnected" themselves from their families due to Scientology Oprah? How many dollars to restore the time of life lost to those disillusioned by their teachings? How many dollars to reveal the truth about this deception, the love that is cut by scissors which no hand can touch?

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