Monday, January 29, 2007

Houtchens vs. Vick pt.7

This is my favorite screenshot of the game. It’s the last drive of the ball game. Vick is scrambling around trying to get yardage and score. I am having none of it. Here I am stripping the ball and flashing a smile at the cameras at the same time. Beautiful. Why am I able to strip the ball? Hmmm. Oh yes, that’s right! After 6 years in the NFL, Vick still carries the ball WELL AWAY from his body! The offense takes over and runs out the clock, sealing the victory. I also get my personal revenge.

For many years, Vick was the greatest football player on the Atlanta Falcons… for the other team! As you can see from my pictorial, he is now doing the same for the Oakland Raiders, a team that truly deserves it.

I am glad Vick is able to make a hip hop fashion statement by keeping one chinstrap unbuckled when he plays. Perhaps he can make a different statement in his game performance one of these days… consistent competence! In the meantime, here is my caveat: should Vick ever lead the Falcons to a win in the Super Bowl, I will PERSONALLY erect a website with my apologies to him for the way I have treated him in my articles.

I am not holding my breath. Prove me wrong, Mr. Vick!

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