Monday, March 5, 2012

The Warrior Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Knock, knock, knock. The warrior sat up in bed. Someone was at the front door. He went to answer it and sent away the high school kid selling magazines. He shook his weary head and sat down to think, and pray. He must have collapsed last night after returning home and had a dream. But what did it mean?

He bent his head and the tears came once more. He poured his soul out until it seemed there was nothing left. His throat made small whimpering sounds as the minutes crept by. After a while, he rose and went out to the back porch for some fresh air in the late morning.

As he opened the door, unbidden thoughts came to him as if from nowhere. He remembered an old prophecy from scripture he had read once. It was something about the days of Noah. He paused, remembering from years ago. In the last days, the ways of man would return to the way they were in the days of Noah. Everything was flipped around. Good was bad and bad was good. God’s truth had been exchanged for the delusion of man in his philosophy of self justification. These things must pass so that prophecy would be fulfilled.

The walls of the Women’s Health Center which fell were spiritual. He looked out to the blue sky which stretched with white clouds out to the horizon. Then, he was reminded of one more thing. There would be a reunion. “You trust me,” came the thoughts to him. “Trust me also in this.”

The warrior smiled and turned back to go inside.

G.Houtchens 3.4.12

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