Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miracles and Dry Sponges

A miracle. Most of us think of miracles as something beyond our humdrum every day existence. A miracle might be something collective for a society, such as the 1980 US hockey team beating the Soviets. Or, it could be something more personal- a man like Dean Braxton, who had his heart stop beating for almost two hours, yet not only lived to tell the tale of his after death experience, but also wound up unharmed with no lasting physical signs of trauma.

We struggle with bills, work, family, and other personal issues. Those who are younger struggle with school, academics, social dramas and the difficulty of self discovery and growth. Yet, there is a miracle- a true miracle- that is present and available, from the most prosperous to the penniless; from those with fame to the outcast and rejected. What could that be?

I was praying for my students this morning on my way to work. I was asking God to bless them, to help them… to send angels to them, to intervene in their lives, somehow. Each year, these kids come my way, and there are all sorts of individuals. Some are quiet, studious and cooperative. Others really try my patience with button pushing and bad behaviors. In spite of appearances, both types of students need prayer equally. While one lashes out at the world demanding attention in the spotlight, another suffers silently from the pain of divorce and the separation of their family. Another one might be caught in a cycle of bad decisions, then another questions their own worth in the depths of depression. All need love, acceptance, a kind word and a generous amount of patience and forgiveness. Did not we also go through these difficult times ourselves?

As I prayed, I had a realization of sorts. When a person comes to God and takes a leap of faith, a miracle occurs. A real miracle. A spiritual renewal takes place- a new life is born and angels in heaven sing. Just to say, “Jesus, I believe in you. Please help me,” is a beautiful thing. God can change the hearts of men. We can have hope. Hope beyond our existence. Hope that transcends our brief lives. Hope that leads to understanding, that we are here for a purpose, that there is meaning for our lives.

“Let one of them, I pray, just one, somehow… someway… see You through me,” I prayed. For when one person comes to God, the entire world changes- not physically, but in eternity. The Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us. If a heart was like a dried sponge, the Holy Spirit is like oil poured over and through the soul. With gentleness and love, it softens and conditions our hearts. The heat of the sun and the wind of life’s storms cannot evaporate the penetrating oil of God’s love.

Lord, let your will be done. Let your love for each of us be known. Thank You for loving us. I love You.



Aramis Thorn said...

So true Glenn. I hope my sponge keeps getting filled with living water. - Aramis

Aramis Thorn said...

So true Glenn. I pray that my dry sponge keeps getting filled with living water. - Aramis