Thursday, March 15, 2012

Barack Obama is the Leader We Need for Our Time

Barack Obama is the Leader We Need for Our Time

I read an article recently which got my gears turning. It contains an extensive list of reasons why President Obama is America's most biblically hostile president ever to hold office. I was amazed at the man's... audacity to say the least. To be so anti-Jewish, anti-God, anti-Christian- by his actions in the office of the president- this is simply unfathomable to me; I shake my head even trying to contemplate it. Here's the link so you can read the article for yourself.

Among the numerous actions cited are deliberately omitting the Creator while quoting Declaration of Independence in public speeches, 7 times no less, as well as attempting to subvert the personal consciences of health care workers in the name of the state. But now we come to the premise of my unusual article. God Himself has placed Barack Obama in the chief executor’s office. The question is, why? Why would a Holy God who loves us all want us to have such a man as our leader? Does God want to punish our nation for our wayward ways? Does God agree that “fairness” is the clarion call that we must cling to?

I have written before that government is no substitute for our responsibility to our neighbors, in prayer, personal and financial obligation, for “in as much as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me.” With regards to the above questions I believe the answer is spiritual in nature.

When Jesus walked this Earth, Israel was under the domination of the Roman Empire. His fellow Jews were absolutely livid with the pantheistic, autocratic Romans who taxed their livelihood and passed laws which were in direct defiance with their deeply held beliefs. Sound familiar to some of you? How did Jesus react? ”Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” He recognized that Earthly power is temporary, that what matters is the spiritual. What happens here is a reflection of what is happening in the spiritual realm. By their fruits you shall know them.

So why would God want Barack Obama in the oval office? I believe he is a foreshadowing of what is to come. Scripture says that in the end times, man would revert to the ways they were in the days of Noah. If we take the decisions of our President and allow them to play themselves out to their ultimate conclusion, where do they lead? I’ll let you figure that out for yourselves.

God is giving us an opportunity to see where our humanistic philosophies of enlightenment will ultimately lead. And yet, all we like sheep have gone astray, each and everyone to our own way. We need a shepherd. We need Jesus. That, ultimately, is why we need(ed) Barack Obama as president.


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