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Objections from the Left, Discussion

[Above: Obama celebrates as his policy of placing national security on the back burner (in favor of individual freedoms for terrorists) results in the inevitable consequences]

OK, folks, the wheels are turning again this morning. I am no fan of government- basically, where power exists, it is my opinion that those who are attracted to such positions (politics) are the ones who are most likely to abuse it. I read a bullet point this morning detailing a list of grievances from the left. These positions are liberal ones, and as the junior senator from Illinois has the most liberal voting record in Congress (to the left of Ted Kennedy even) it is his platform (represented by the following list) that I object to.

While I don't consider myself to be a Republican, I do consider myself to be a moderate conservative. I wrote about Obama last June. ( He has recently been courting Christian evangelicals. More about this later. As you go through the list, you can find many similarities between the conditions found on the list and those that were present in pre-WWII Germany. (amateur historianwise-speaking, hehe)

1. Powerful and continuing nationalism
It is a good thing to question ones leaders. Blind obedience to a party or person (with the exception of Jesus, who will *never* disappoint) opens one up to being misled. I find this objection to be an excuse for blaming the world's ills on America. It is an excuse for America-hating, basically. Now, does the US government have a lot to answer for? Yes! (especially in regard to the UFO cover up.) But it is not to blame for every social ill that leftists (lets go ahead and call them what they are- commies) see fit to lay at the feet of our nation. "We need something to rant about so we can be like we were in the '60's! Death to pigs!"

2. Distain for the recognition of human rights
This is a thinly-veiled reference to the prisoners in Guantanamo. And they are right about one thing- they deserve justice, not limbo. Bush failed here in not ordering the army to begin military court marshals within 6 months after they had arrived. These prisoners deserve to be released, to have sentences of hard labor, or death. Those arguing the above point would quickly change their minds should the prisoners be released into their neighborhoods. It's an argument of convenience, as long as they have to pay no personal cost themselves.

3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause
It's the EEEVIL Muslims! THEY are the cause of our ills! No, its select groups of Muslims, such as Osama Bin Laden and those who support terror to achieve their goals. That's not to say that most Muslims would oppose Sharia law across the face of the earth. They wouldn't. It's the method of implementation that differentiates them.

4. Supremacy of the military
Since WHEN has the military had an effect on national politics? OH YES! It was those pesky military personnel who wanted to have their absentee ballots counted in the 2000 election in Florida. Yes, the ones that the Democratic party hired lawyers for in order to keep those ballots from counting. Forgive me, I had completely forgotten. When someone is laying their life on the line for their country in a foreign land, THEIR votes MOST DEFINITELY should not count, especially if it means our candidate does not get elected.

5. Rampant sexism
This one I absolutely agree with. There IS rampant sexism in America. Especially in regard to divorce, where women hold *all* the cards and they know it. They get the kids, they get the house, they get spousal support and child support, and the husband gets nothing but bills and the loss of being involved with his children. Oh, joy. It's almost the exact opposite of what occurs in Muslim countries, but in a legal viewpoint rather than both a legal and social one.

6. Controlled mass media
The media just LOVES Bush. Yup! They simply adore him. And they are controlled by the government to say JUST WHAT Bush wants them to say. They know that if they say *anything* bad about Bush or his administration, they will be locked up and the station shut down. The mass media sure is controlled all right. But by whom?

7. Obsession with national security
Preventing another 9/11 should be the last thing on our minds. Never mind that the terrorism on our soil has been prevented for 7 years. National security should be our lowest priority, until we get attacked again. Never mind about the Al Queda cells that were found operating within the United States and Great Britain. Never mind about the bombings on the London subway and the one in Spain. Al Queda loves Spain since they elected a government that pulled their troops out. We should do anything that will make Al Queda happy, so they wont hurt us. I have another word for this: Jimmy Carter diplomacy.

8. Religion and government are intertwined
Lets have a national ballot to put the ACLU's agenda to the voters. Lets make it law to remove every mention of God from the public workplace, lest someone get "offended." Remove all crosses from military graveyards. Remove all mention of God from our currency. Remove and decommission all military chaplains from their posts. All at taxpayer expense I might add. You KNOW the results of what this national referendum would be. That's why the ACLU does not want their agenda put to a national referendum. They would rather make changes to our society through the back door of the courts.

9. Corporate power is protected
So what shall we do about this? Force every big company from the territory of our country through oppressive tax codes! MAKE Microsoft move to Canada! (which almost happened) SHOVE General Motors and GE down to Mexico! FORCE all those evil, powerful, rich bigwigs to leave! That will show them! Oh, yes, remind me to enroll in an Economics 101 class when I get the chance.... By the way, what happened to my job?

10. Labor power is suppressed
Every industry should be unionized. Power to the people! We can force industry to pay us what is our due. And while we are at it, we can flush our industry down the drain because with higher prices due to higher wages, our trade deficit will make us slaves to countries overseas. I can't wait to be completely and utterly dependent on China for all my consumer goods (which is closer to reality than I am comfortable with.) What is China doing with all our American dollars? Oh, yes! Upgrading and expanding their military in ungodly proportions with US submarine and nuclear secrets. Thanks, President Clinton!

11. Distain for intellectuals and the arts
Whatever would I do without knowing that my tax dollars were used to pay for a $40,000 piece of ... art, that consisted of a jeep covered with hay? Or that my tax dollars were used to sponsor an artwork that featured the Virgin Mary covered with elephant dung? Everyone knows that intellectuals that are professors in universities across our nation are the most accepting, most non-judgmental, most non-discriminatory people in our nation, especially when it comes to viewpoints that they do not share. Really! Just ask Ben Stein!

12. Obsession with crime and punishment
Criminals are beautiful people. They should be loved and trusted, not put into prison. They just had some bad breaks. Like robbing people at gunpoint, stealing things that don't belong to them, selling addicting illegal drugs, shaking merchants down for "protection money" and making other people's lives nightmares through identity theft. They are just like us, only different. They wont do that again if we let them go, I promise.

13. Rampant cronyism and corruption
This, I agree with. The only thing about it is that the Democrats are just as bad about it as the Republicans. My answer? 1. More issues should be placed on national ballots. 2. Completely eliminate "earmarks." 3. Term limits. 4. Allot TV time by candidates as they do in England, not facilitated by campaign contributions or special interest groups.

14. Fraudulent elections
Hanging chads? Do we REALLY want to go there again? I know, lets TAX people and businesses for the pollution they cause and the energy they consume! Yeah, THATS the answer!

Thanks to Roger Mexico and Stranger on the Town of for the bullet points and photoshopped image of Obama

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