Monday, July 7, 2008

Smile ! Al Queda Loves You !

This morning I watched an informal discussion on ABC news video between Senator Lieberman (I) Connecticut and Senator Reed (D) Rhode Island having a discussion moderated by George Stephanopolis about foreign policy. They both addressed questions of Obama's flip flopping on the Iraq issue in order to attract centrist voters. (Obama had previously said during the debates that he would call the troops home immediately regardless of conditions on the ground; he is now mitigating his stance.) They went back and forth on it a while and I could see that both sides had a point.

One thing, however stuck out in my mind. Senator Reed said this about Al Queda at the very end of the interview, and I would like to call him on it- I wish Lieberman had, but they were out of time. Reed said that Al Queda was not waiting to plan an attack. My point is this- yes they are! Thats *exactly* what they are doing. They are smart enough to know, and so are you, that if an attack occurred between now and the elections, McCain would be swept into office in a landslide. They would *much* rather have the Jimmy Carter clone who favors unilateral negotiations regardless of any freeze of Iran's nuclear weapons program, which is what Europe has spent the last 2 years working on. If this were to occur, it would open yet another round of "talks" allowing Iran to complete their nuclear weapons program.

Now, Iran is not stupid. They would not launch nuclear missiles at Israel and insure their annihilation. They would NOT, however, be above giving one or more nuclear weapons to a fanatical group to use then holding their innocent, clean hands up to the world saying, "We don't know who did this." Are you beginning to see the writing on the wall?

The US is in a catch-22 though. If Israel attacks Iran's nuclear facilities, the border with Iraq and Iraq itself will be the site of a retaliatory attack by Iran. The other middle eastern countries would not like to see a nuclear Iran (although they would like to have nuclear weapons themselves, like Syria tried to obtain from North Korea.)

Thankfully, we are in God's hands. I am going to add preventing a nuclear holocaust to my prayers. It seems that we are closer to this than we have been since the cold war. The thought of a nuclear strike by terrorists... leaves me chilled.

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