Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spore Part Two

Eventually, one enters a tribal phase where your successful species will interact in group settings [see above.] More complex social interactions are available for purchase, such as religion, the ability to produce music or fire, and various other cultural landmarks. Other cultures of different organisms will be in competition with your own. They have will different physical and cultural characteristics. And always, there will be predators that can eat you if you should stray too far from home, where group protection is afforded.

Cities become available, and the game changes again as societies compete for conquest or survival. This is all one game, mind you.

Eventually, inter-stellar travel is developed and one can visit other worlds in other solar systems where players from around the world have uploaded their worlds and their creatures!

Spore was supposed to be released on October 1st, 2007. I was counting down the months from Christmas of 2006. In April though, as often happens in the gaming industry, the release date was bumped all the way to April of 2008. This was to effectively remove computer bugs and glitches and to put finishing touches on the game. So often, companies will push product out the door in order to recoup the tremendous investment they have made developing a game. Although I am personally dissappointed by this, I realize that Wright chose to do this so that he would not have to say, "Well, we wanted to implement this feature into the game, but did not have time to get it in before publication."

Now I am counting down the months until next year, when Spore gets released, and I will be able to populate an entire planet with clones of Sherilyn Fenn. It's all about creativity, which in my book translates into fun!

Here's more video embedded goodness =) (18 minutes)

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