Monday, February 26, 2007

Surfin' USA

The title above refers to the websites I often visit. On this occasion I found an excellent thread that discusses the topic of UFO's.

The Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO sighting made little news when it was first reported. However, there are many witnesses, some of whom were threatened with their jobs if they spoke out about what they saw.

This thread contains an intelligent, skeptical conversation among persons who are experts in discerning hoaxed reports (as they see many of them.)

Here's the link, with pictures:

Here are some other links I visit on a daily basis, along with my own opinion on thier veracity:

1. A discussion board. Good stuff can be found here on many topics of interest. 90% baloney/10% truth. One must judge carefully what to accept. Viewpoints from both treehuggers and neocons alike.

2. Radio site for the program for the same name. 99% baloney, but interesting nonetheless. They will print virtually anything by anybody. Hollow Earth ( lol ) theories (please!), I Am a Real Life Vampire, The Virgin Mary on a piece of Toast, etc. The interesting thing is when you can find something that is actually credible.

3. For news from the left. Bush is always bad/wrong/cast in a bad light in all things (although they attempt to make their news "objective," their slant is almost as bad as that of Rush Limbaugh.) The war in Iraq is horrendous, but heaven forbid they should mention the current booming economy and low unemployment. Hint: what is important here is what celebrities think. Baloney factor: 60% (ya put your left foot in, ya put your left foot out, put your left foot in and ya shake it all about)

4. News from the right. Strap on your boots and do the goose step as you ride along with these columnists. Where the right is always right, they piddle about the smallest things on the left. Reminds me sometimes of gossip columnists. Good for a truly pragmatic view on things one usually does not get in the evening news. Their strong suit is political discussion. Baloney factor: 60%

5. Official message boards for the Atlanta Falcons. Are you a Vick hugger or a Vick hater? Sign up here and start a post called "Michael Vick stinks/is great because...." and then sit back and enjoy the fun. Caution: Pictures of scantily clad babes found in board members' signatures to posts. Thier strong suit is opinion. Also a good source of rumors for trades, the draft, etc. Baloney factor: 50%

6. For those truly interested in intellectual windbags, this is the site for you. Mr. Libertarian hits home runs when it comes to taxes, the IRS, government waste, and politicians' double standards and hypocracy. Mr. Boortz, however, is a LAWYER, first and foremost. Thus he desires the continuation of the genocide of over 1 million Americans each and every year. Beware, the LAW is Boortz' only moral standard. Baloney factor: 50%

7. A City of Heroes supergroup guild of freinds that team together to fight evil, in the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way! (If you don't know where the second half of that sentence comes from, ask your parents.) Lots of interesting pics, stories and info here, from the MMORPG of the same name. (mass multiplayer online role playing game, in case you are wondering)

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