Thursday, March 24, 2011

Numbskulls For Lawyers

Numbskulls For Lawyers

I've been reading about the Collective Bargaining Agreement that recently fell through in the National Football League over the past few weeks. I've listened to arguments from both sides and have several thoughts on the matter, which I would like to share.

1. The players union states that it requires the ledger sheets from all the clubs in order to continue negotiations. Let me restate this so that it is more understandable and consise. "We need the books so we can sack you for more of your money." There, that's a little more plain, isn't it? I disagree with this. It's the same philosophy that says, you have money, we don't, so we deserve some of yours. It's the same philosophy that President Obama's Robin Hood approach that says, lets take your tax money and spend it on "stimulus" in heavily democratic districts on inane spending projects, like the airport to nowhere.

It's wrong. It's not the amount of money the owners make that dictates what the players receive. It's the principle of the thing.

2. The jobs and the money belong to the owners, and to the league. Period. These resources do not belong to the players. The players are free to go form their own league, but they don't, because that's not where the money is. They are motivated by greed. I work hard at my job, just like they do. Because I make less than they do, does that mean that I am entitled to some of their money? No, not by withholding my money for tv fees, and not by taking it from them and redistributing it to myself via taxes.

3. What is the minimum wage for playing in the NFL? In 2010, rookies and first year players earned a minimum of $320,000. Second year players earned a minimum of $395,000. Third year players earned a minimum of $470,000; fourth year players earned $545,000 and fifth year players earned 630,000. Given that the players mentioned in the lawsuit against the NFL include the highest paid players in the game, including Drew Brees and Peyton Manning I have only this to say...

Shame on you! For shame! I hope that they replace your sorry selves with replacement players, like they did in the 80's. How can you go on strike making that kind of salary? I would love to see the Browns, the Cardinals, the Seahawks or the Falcons win the Super Bowl. Hopefully, when you cling to your overused, anti-American, industry-draining, greed-promoting lawyers and union organizers, you will find yourselves wishing you had not gone back to soak the till one too many times.

I appreciate the dedication Commissioner Goodell has taken in reducing his salary until the negotiations are concluded.

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