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Patriots Copyright the Phrase "19-0," Upset By Giants in Best Super Bowl Ever

For the last month, every team I have rooted for has lost in the playoffs. This time I cheered for the Patriots, stating in mock sincerity, "Go Pats," to the TV over the course of the game. Looks like my cheering for a team is the kiss of death, as I told my students last week.

Usually I write all of my own articles, but I will let these remarks from speak for themselves (with editing for grammar.) They are priceless.

Leaving the field with time on the clock...that's what a year with Randy Moss will do to you.

Bill Belichick falls under the 5 D category dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge. Because he most certainly did that last night.

To the previous poster- face it they cheated, they always have. They had rules changed in the NFL because of the exploited the loop holes; see the 5 yard rule, the tuck rule, and the video tape rule; see 3 superbowl rings.

That is not history I wanted to see, a purchased team, run by a dirtbag of a human being go 19-0 - no - seeing them do 18-0 for nothing - that is a much better outcome.

Guess that Belichick did not have enough Giants game film, or should I say practice film.

If I'm a Patriots fan, I love Belichick for the wins, but would be completely embarrassed by his behavior at the end of the game last night. I think Kraft runs a pretty classy organization, but that exit showed Belichick doesn't have to live by the same standards as other members of that organization and by all accounts, a pretty classless move.

Cheaters never win it all. It caught up with them: too much scrutiny to pull off any taping at this weeks practices, they paid; Brady looked confused often, the offensive line showed their age. This dynasty is done. Bye bye ALL PRO offensive line. As a Jets fan, truly one of my happiest moments was Brady on his rear A LOT and a baby Belicheat becoming losers until next September. What a beautiful thought to hold me over until the draft. Karma is alive and well, and a rotten human being just got a taste of payback. Sorry to the rest of the squad, except for Harrison, a career cheater and just bad for the game, but you guys play for a man who's got no heart, zero class and and a lack of morals that should make him cry himself to sleep. But we all know evil doesn't sleep and he's already scouring the rule books for the next loop hole he can exploit to give his team an edge, to take competition out of sport and forever etch his name in a record book of shame. I will quote young Nelson and simply say, to Tom and Bill.....Ha, Ha.

Get off the cheating baloney. Why cheer for the Giants? They ruined our chance at witnessing history. They ruined a chance for the best wide receiver in the league to get a super bowl ring. Now we have to sit and listen to that idiot Mercury Morris ramble about how his team is still the greatest when they were really twice as slow and didn't win as many as the Pats. Now we have to sit through a million more Manning commercials that play on the gimmick that now they both have rings. One Manning is enough!!!

Yeah, and it's true, if Belichick would have stayed, no one would have said, "Oh yeah great job he has class- he watched his dreams slip away." But we certainly wouldn't be questioning his class.

There is a certain type of class and sportsmanship that you have to show when you are a coach. When he left the game early, it pretty much meant that he gave up on his team. A decent coach, shocked or not, would have stayed until the game was completely over! Not only did he show disrespect for himself, his team, and the organization, he showed that he is a sore loser who cannot stand to lose. Losing is not everything, you have to be a pretty low person to walk out on your team because they didn't win a game!

You need to give credit where credit is due, and coach Belichick showed that he is incapable of doing so. When your a coach, you stay BY YOUR TEAM until the very last play. What a jerk he is!

I have no problem kicking Belichick when he's down, because all season long he had no problem kicking other teams when they were down. Goes both ways.

The only thing I might agree to question is the field goal they didn't attempt. I was scratching my head when the Pats went for it on 4 and 12 when at that time, the offensive wasn't working.

1) Don't tape teams games/practices and you wont have these questions asked of you at inopportune times!

2) Don't leave the game early because you want to go cry in the locker room and you won't have anyone write a story about you wondering why you left the game early, when league rules clearly state the whole game has to be played.

What he has been obviously doing for years ......

Though I believe Belichick is a despicable human being for running out on his team, and being willing to lie, cheat, employ dirty players and admitted steroid users, and generally do anything to win, I think he's taking too much heat for the non-field goal try. Remember, his kicker had just shanked one off the TEE. Going for it on fourth down was about a 30% proposition. Punting into the end zone gives the Giants the ball 100% of the time, needing to advance only 11 yards to negate the field position gain of the punt. 4th and 13 looked like his best choice at the time - it worked out no worse than a punt would have. It backfired, but at the time gave his team the best chance to win, and even though I was pulling for the Giants, I mentioned out loud that it was a brilliant call when it happened. Give the Giants credit for capitalizing. Belichick made a lot of bad calls during the game, but the non-field goal wasn't one of them.

So the guy will cheat to win, but he will not face a loss? Though he may be a football genius, Bill Belichick is not someone I would want leading my football team.

Brady got rocked last night! I've never seen him take so many hits. That one hit when his arm got twisted and pulled as he got hit in the back and the legs! That was vicious! Also the last time he was sacked when he got knocked backed a few yards. Ah man, that was awesome! The look on Belichick's face. Hahaha. Priceless. I kind of wanted Moss and Seau to get their rings but I'm glad the cocky jerks lost. That was the greatest Super Bowl that I have ever witnessed. I don't know how Eli got the heck out of that situation but those are the plays that will live on in NFL history. I don't know which was better. The throw or the catch by Tyree. Man, I can't wait to watch that game again on NFL Network. Congratulations on a great season Pats. Congratulations on your NFL title Giants and Giants fans. Eli, you no longer are standing behind Peyton. You're standing beside him. 4th and 12. Pats go for it? Ugh.

I live in L.A and the one of the L.A times sports writers wrote an article called the 17 reasons that the Giants will win the Superbowl. It was prophetic, but the one reason that stood out most to me is that the Patriots organization earlier this week copyrighted the slogan 19-0, it made me sick. To think they'd be that arrogant, thankfully though the karma police got them. The "dynasty" is over, let the parity settle back in. Go Giants 08!

By the way, grats me on my 100th article. Here's to 900 more. Cheers =)

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