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How to Take a UFO Video

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Ok, folks, this one started rolling around in my mind yesterday afternoon, and I decided to write an article about it. Be prepared, this article is a little off the beaten path of conventional thinking, but it also accurately reflects my thoughts on this subject. The central idea of the project is: how to take a picture or movie of a UFO.

This undertaking appears to be rather daunting to me, and expensive. However, given the repeated instances of events occurring during UFO sightings and close encounters, the following ideas should be taken under consideration:

1. The equipment should include dual night vision video cameras and dual infrared cameras, both zoom capable and both mounted on a tripod with a stabilizing bar so that should the observers luck out and actually *capture* a UFO on film, depth perception, speed, and object size can be determined by using mathematics. This also prevents shakiness that so often occurs with hand held cameras, which causes skeptics to sneer. Additionally, the cameras mounted on the horizontal bar should be calibrated for a slight angle inwards, much like the guns were on a WW II combat plane.

2. Because those who observe UFO phenomena are sometimes subject to kidnapping against their will, hidden cameras should be placed around the site directed at, directed away from, and unknown to the observers.

3. It has been recounted that UFO sightings sometimes occur in "waves," where multiple sightings occur over a period of days or weeks. Mobilization and deployment are paramount for the serious investigator.

4. Here's the tricky part. UFO occupants have demonstrated amazing mental powers, such as being able to freeze muscle control, causing lapses in consciousness, and being able to effectively "erase" human memory of any encounter taking place. Our own scientific understanding of such capabilities are in comparison, abysmal, limited only to simple hypnosis.

I recall an event reported in one of Budd Hopkins' books- I think it was called "Missing Time." An abductee was being repeatedly kidnapped and sought a therapist for help. The therapist suggested hypnosis in order to recall the events that were taking place. As an experiment, the therapist placed a post hypnotic suggestion into the mind of his patient, that the next time she was being kidnapped, she would become fully aware and awake, and be able to make the following statement: "I am this woman's therapist and I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE UP TO!" According to the account, the woman was able to break free of their mental grip and confront her abductors. They, in turn, were startled and astounded by this woman's resolve, but quickly subdued her again, and she was able to relate this to her therapist afterwards.

Therefore, because these beings are mentally powerful, it can be surmised that they would quickly become aware should they be observed. If you are skeptical, just stare at someone's back for a while and see what they do. In order to increase the chance of success in this study then, the observers should be hypnotized into believing they would only be recording anomalous, non-living, uncommon atmospheric phenomena; in particular, those which do not display the lights known to identify earthbound aerial traffic.

5. The US government in particular is notorious for suppressing evidence of alien visitation. One of the soldiers at the Rendlesham Forest incident was told during his "debriefing" that "bullets are cheap." Therefore, such a study should not be made public with announcements and fanfare ahead of time, such as with the show UFO Hunters. Should that program ever manage to break a story that is not dependent simply on eyewitness testimony, I can guarantee you the production facilities would be raided and personnel would be questioned and/or threatened before any incontrovertible evidence could be aired.

6. As an additional thought if money is no object, how about placing hidden video cameras in, on and around the production facilities? Additionally, one could make backups of any footage, both at the investigation site and at the production facility and send them discreetly to others around the country, should our beloved government decide to take an interest in supressing truth.

A big hello to all you government goons and thugs keeping tabs on me. Go grab some prime rib at your local Krogers and enjoy yourselves.

Ya bastads.

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