Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hi, Mom! or A Debt of Love

I have had this article on the burner for a while now. I have slept on it and examined it. Sometimes, an idea has to ferment for a while in order for it to become fully matured.

Bill Cosby had a sketch back in '83 about football players that say "Hi, mom!" to the camera. In World War II soldiers who were barely out of high school (if that) kept their morale up by treasuring their letters from home, in an age where instant communication was not possible. Why is it that men in intermission from battle, whilst engaged in actions that exclusively define masculinity, acknowledge their moms?

As we grow from children to adolescents to adults, the age of make believe and pretend and the drama of adolescence is left behind for the responsibilities of adulthood. However, the child although hidden remains within all of us. This is easily seen at family reunions where sibling rivalries recur and old issues, long buried, come back to life.

The nurturing, the care, and the love we receive from our moms as children is instrumental in our development as well rounded individuals. The kissed bruises, the home-made meals, and the attention and affection that we are lavished with are gifts of love, expressed freely, that can only come from a mother. It is a debt of love that the children inside of us never forget.

With the passing of years we no longer require the attention we received as children, and this must pain our moms as we grow out of this stage of development. It does not surprise me though, that when a break in combat occurs, the child within us arises and we acknowledge this love, our appreciation for our wonderful, beautiful moms.

Hi, mom! I love you!

Glenn =)

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