Tuesday, December 25, 2007

An Environmentally Correct Merry Christmas

The headline on ABC News this morning declared, "Pope Calls for Peace and Environmental Protection on Christmas." I had honestly not expected them to get it right, as I read in the article his real message was not about the environment at all.

"In his homily the Pope called on people to aside time in their lives for God and for the needy. He compared what he called the modern world's rejection of God, to the story of Jesus' birth in a manger, because there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn."

This is a fitting comparison. What good does it do to save the environment, when there is so much pollution in our own hearts, and in mine? Yes, we have been placed as stewards over the Earth; shall we then ignore the greater illness over the lesser one, the unseen over the one plainly observed?

As I examine myself, there is much that can be submitted which I have kept to myself, starting with my use of the time which has been given me. We are all creatures of habit, and in my own life part of this is staying away from socially awkward situations (everywhere outside the house) and becoming somewhat of a hermit. This isolationism is self-feeding and self-fulfilling, for it confirms my own view of myself, that I am basically an unworthy individual. This lie that I have accepted and believed, this snake that I have embraced to my chest, needs to have the light of God's truth shed upon it, to be revealed and cast aside.

Dear God, in as much as I am able I bring to you this small gift this Christmas- my time and my mind. Help me in my weakness. Let your love and your truth be known and come forth in my life. Let me not take this gift back to myself, but in a daily way, given back to you. Happy birthday, Lord Jesus! Thank you for your advent, your gift to us all.

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