Monday, July 23, 2007

Cruise as Nazi: How Dare They Insult the Nazi's This Way?

Cruise will not be stopped in his efforts to portray the Nazi official who attempted to assasinate Hitler during World War II. The real life hero's son refused to have any part with the production when he discovered Cruise would be playing the role of his father. The German government refused to allow the production company access to historic sites. So for now, filming has started at a large private studio.

The Nazis killed over 6 million people during the war. They never stated that a cult group which uses a form of hypnosis on its members is compatible with Christianity, however. They also never used deception in order to recruit unknowing innocents; preferring instead the business end of a gun to fill conscription quotas.

Scientologists' top spokesman as a Nazi. Perhaps the comparison is apt, but I think the insult is to the Nazi's.

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