Friday, October 10, 2008

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

Last week I was getting ready for work early one morning. As I was putting on my socks and shoes, Mikey, my 65 pound dog, started crying, because she did not want me to leave. I looked at her with compassion and went over to her and gave her a big hug and pressed my head against hers. She did not understand why I had to go to work, just that I was leaving, once again.

As I drove to work that day, I reflected upon the mornings events. I realized that in one way, I was a little bit like Mikey when it comes to the Lord, in that I do not understand the big picture, and at times, I get morose over events that are beyond my control. So, I cry out to Him and He comforts me through His Holy Spirit, although most of the time I am so blind and filled with tunnel vision of my surroundings I do not see the love that is waiting for me.

As I drove, I continued to pray the following prayer:

Dear Lord,

Please make me like Mikey, and Snoopy, may he rest in peace, that I may be without guile, and do what is right in Your sight.

Help me to rejoice at Your appearance, with love and affection and adoration, with jumping and great shouts of joy.

Help me to follow You and as Mikey follows me.

Help me to long for Your appearance.

Help me to see clearly, that I may not be troubled.

Thank you for these wonderful, beautiful companions, and their example of love towards me.

Most of all, let me be Yours, oh Lord. Let me be Yours.



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John M. B. said...

AMEN!!!!! That is wonderful!

I think it is wonderful to pray in the mornings.