Monday, March 10, 2008

Labyrinth: the Journey Within

I am back after another hiatus. There was once a place, within Second Life, that I loved very much. It was called Labyrinth, the Journey Within, built by a group named Ordinary Radicals. It featured a winding pathway through a beautiful, lush forest. Along the pathway were signs and little tv screens. As one proceeded along the path, one was prompted to examine ones self. To look at the world around you. To seek God, in a modern world. The tv screens had little mini "movies" that one would activate. These short movies had the imprints of little bare feet treading a path, which is symbolic of our path of life. The theme of these movies was to attempt to see ourselves as God sees us. To forgive ourselves as He has forgiven us, to see His great love, and to move Godwards. The Labyrinth was filled with secluded, peaceful areas, inviting self introspection. I visited there many times, and cried and cried as I walked this journey.

The Labyrinth is now gone. The forest, cleared, and the land sold to make use for apartment buildings and shops. All that is left of that beautiful place are the few screenshots I took while I visited there. Yesterday I was seeking the possibility that it may have been set up somewhere else. To my great regret, it has not. However, I did find the source from which the Labyrinth: the Journey Within, was based. It can be found at . Go to "home," then click on the little feet that says "do it." One may need to disable the pop up blocker to allow the source to play the movies. There are sections that are interactive, where you manipulate objects with your mouse, which is a nice touch.

Although it does not include the forest and the birds, the stepping stones or the lush flora that were present in Second Life, one may see the little movies that moved me so. I cried again when I found it. It is my sincere desire that everyone I know should be able to experience this wonderful, beautiful journey.

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