Friday, December 29, 2006

Falcons Fans Upset

As a follower of the Atlanta Falcons, I have watched our team though its ups and downs over the years. Some of you who follow football know what I mean, others may not. There was a post on the Falcons message boards that summarizes some reasons why Falcons fans are upset. Here is an excerpt which states well why Falcons fans are red faced and angry:

  • To lose to Detroit and Cleveland, Unacceptable!

  • To face a must-win game against an opponent that throws the ball only seven times (SEVEN TIMES!) and lose at home, Unacceptable!

  • To pine for a college job that isn't even open, while preparing for arguably the most important game of the year, Unacceptable!

  • To score 41 against Pittsburgh and only manage a combined 41 against the Giants, Cleveland and Detroit, unacceptable!

  • To have no fourth-quarter comebacks in two+ seasons, Unacceptable!

  • To have one of the worst red-zone offenses in football when you have a great tight end, a dual threat quarterback, the league's top rushing offense and two 6-5 receivers, Unacceptable!

  • To have a former offensive line coach coaching wide receivers who are continuously lazy coming in and out of breaks, running sloppy routes and NOT CATCHING THE BALL, Unacceptable!

  • To not have one bruising running back in your stable, and to be unwilling to use a two back set in the meantime, Unacceptable!

  • To turn a blind eye as an organization to horrible pass protection on the offensive line, Unacceptable!

  • There are great pockets of talent on this team: linebacker corps, defensive end (when healthy), fullback, tight end, quarterback (although terribly inconsistent and poorly cast in the offensive scheme), and the kicking game has always been solid. There's certainly enough talent, and money invested, to where an owner has a right to look at a 7-8 record, and two years of mediocrity and say, Unacceptable!

Credit goes to FloridaFalcon from the Atlanta Falcons message board for his well worded statement. I disagree with the part about Michael Vick being an asset to the team, but shall save my thoughts on this for another post.

There is an upside for this: at least we are not the Washington Redskins, whose owner, Snyder, is copying from Steinbrenner's management and is signing high priced free agents with ballooning pay scales in an attempt to purchase himself a winning team. Unfortunately for him, the NFL has a salary cap. Major League Baseball does not. Snyder further has my ire for bankrolling (BANKROLLING!) Tom Cruise, but that is another story for another day.

Next time I get around to this subject, I will compare the six million dollar man, Steve Austin, with the 100 million dollar man Michael Vick, to see who is really getting their money's worth.

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